HealthExporter lets you move your health data into a spreadsheet program so you can analyze trends and create graphs of your health data.

I wrote HealthExporter to help me and my doctor follow my asthma better. The Health app on my iPhone lets me track health data that’s important to me. HealthExporter lets me work with my health data in my spreadsheet programs—on my iPhone or any computer that can read a CSV file—so I can produce charts, tables, and graphs of my health data using the tools I already know. Now I can give my doctor detailed reports on my lung function and inhaler use.

Let HealthExporter help you do more with your health data!

The Health app automatically tracks your daily activity. You can track your diet, your weight, your blood glucose levels, your lung function, your blood pressure, and many other factors, either

  • by entering data manually into your iPhone
  • or by using a connected device to store data directly into the Health app.

For example, to track my lung function I use a handheld airflow meter and enter the values manually into my iPhone. HealthExporter works with any data you can store in the Health app.

HealthExporter works with any of your health data in the Health app. Before you export data you first tell HealthExporter what data you’re interested in. Begin by picking the starting and ending dates to export.
Choose to see data averaged for every day, every hour, or every fifteen minutes. Or choose to see every raw sample reported individually.
Export any of the values that the Health app manages. Export a single or multiple values at a time.
Now you’re ready to export your data. Tap the Export to spreadsheet button and let HealthExporter do its work.
Then tap the app you want to use to open the data. HealthExporter works great with Numbers and with Microsoft Excel. Or AirDrop the data to your Mac and work with the data there.
You’re always in control of your data.

HealthExporter links your health data to your spreadsheet. Store, analyze, and report your data your way. Your data never leaves your devices until you want to share it with someone.